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Meet Jessica

Jessica Caloza is a women’s rights advocate, a proud immigrant, and the daughter of working-class parents running for Assembly to fight for all working families.


Jessica is a dedicated public servant and worked for President Obama helping underfunded public schools get more resources. As L.A. Public Works Commissioner, Jessica expanded good-paying union jobs, raised wages for workers and required equal pay for women while increasing transparency and accountability. As California Attorney General Rob Bonta’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Jessica has worked to reduce crime and gun violence, take bold action to protect the environment, and helped victims of sexual assault receive justice.


In the Assembly, Jessica will fight to defend reproductive freedom, protect renters and build more affordable housing, ensure clean air and water for our neighborhoods, and invest in public schools to give every child a shot at success. That’s why Jessica is supported by classroom teachers, nurses, union workers, environmental activists, women’s rights leaders, and housing and civil rights advocates.


"It's not about one of us, it's about all of us. That’s what my campaign for Assembly is about."

-Jessica Caloza

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