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Jessica wants all families to have the same opportunities hers did: to work hard, get good paying jobs, and build a better life. In Sacramento, Jessica will amplify Assembly District 52's voice and focus on protecting reproductive freedom, creating good-paying jobs, building more affordable housing and ending gun violence. It's not about one of us, it's about all of us



Fighting for Women & Reproductive Freedom

Jessica Caloza is a women’s rights advocate who will be a champion for women in the Legislature. In the California Attorney General’s Office, Jessica has worked to protect reproductive rights and is leading the effort to reduce the state’s backlog of rape kits to ensure victims of sexual assault receive justice. As a City Commissioner, she cracked down on sexual harassment and helped create good-paying jobs for women. As our Assemblymember, Jessica will fight to protect funding for Planned Parenthood and access to critical health care services.

Lowering Costs for Working Families

Jessica Caloza understands the moment we are in, with the cost of living going up and corporations making millions in profits while wages remain stagnant. That is why she worked to implement neighborhood grants and has stood with workers who are calling for higher wages and wage theft protections. Jessica is fighting for an economy that works for everyone, which is why she is endorsed by classroom teachers, nurses, construction workers, and labor unions representing tens of thousands of working people across Los Angeles County.


Building Affordable Housing & Protecting Renters

Jessica Caloza is a renter who knows first-hand that too many renters in our communities are struggling to keep up with the rising cost of living, and often need help to stay in their homes. That’s why Jessica will fight for legislation to protect renters from unlawful evictions, especially for immigrants, seniors, and families with children. She will work to make it faster and cheaper to construct the affordable housing we need to solve our housing crisis and provide a pathway home ownership for more working families.

Creating Good-Paying Union Jobs

Jessica Caloza is a champion for workers and their families. As Public Works Commissioner, she helped create good-paying union jobs, raised wages for workers and required equal pay for women. As the Attorney General’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Jessica cracked down on wage theft and harassment in the workplace. Jessica is supported by labor unions representing classroom teachers and staff, nurses, and construction workers because she has joined with striking workers demanding better wages on the picket line. She will fight to make the minimum wage a living wage and build an economy that works for everyone — not just those at the top.

Jessica Caloza USWW.JPG

Tackling the Homelessness Crisis

In the Assembly, Jessica Caloza will fight to deliver real solutions to the homelessness crisis. She will work to speed up the construction of more housing and provide more accountability for how we use existing resources. Jessica will also invest in California’s new CARE Courts to help get unhoused people with severe mental health issues off our streets and connected with services like mental health care, addiction treatment, and job training.

Ending Gun Violence

Jessica Caloza is committed to keeping our communities safe from gun violence. As the Attorney General’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Jessica worked to strengthen gun safety laws and get illegal guns off our streets. In the Assembly, she will continue to take on the NRA and the gun lobby by fighting for common-sense gun restrictions and work to ensure guns stay out of the hands of dangerous criminals, including those accused of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Jessica Caloza Kids.jpeg

Investing in Great
Public Schools

Jessica Caloza believes public education is the key to unlocking opportunity and creating a brighter future for all Californians as it was for her. As a former education policy advisor to President Barack Obama, Jessica worked to help underfunded schools get the resources they need. In the Assembly, she will fight to ensure every child has a quality education by raising wages for teachers and support staff and investing more in programs like early childhood education, the arts, childcare, and after school initiatives. That’s why Jessica is strongly supported by classroom teachers and public school educators.

Fighting for
Climate Action & Environmental Justice

Jessica Caloza is fighting for bold action to address the climate crisis and ensure our communities have access to clean air and water. In the Attorney General’s Office, Jessica cracked down on big oil companies and other corporate polluters and installed air quality monitors in our communities to reduce pollution. As City Commissioner, she oversaw many infrastructure projects, including solar installations as well as water conservation and recycling. She will protect our environment by holding polluters accountable and tackle climate change by fighting for more investments in clean energy like wind and solar to reduce emissions and create good-paying local jobs.

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